Tailored communication solutions and engineering

In addition to military and HLS communication systems, Peryphon Development provides complete communication engineering services, including characterization, planning, design, construction and implementation of communication system products and system solutions.

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, and can help you achieve your goals and complete your projects in the most efficient manner possible. Peryphon Development engineers’ have extensive, decades-long experience in providing design and engineering solutions to complex mechanical and technical challenges in the field of civilian and military telecommunications, enabling you to maximize allocation of your human resources, and save both time and money.

An example of Peryphon Development’s ability to design and implement advanced communication system for various platforms is the Israeli Aviation Industry (IAI) Taxibot system – the world’s first pilot-controlled towing vehicle system which tows commercial aircrafts from the gateway to the runway, eliminating the need for the aircraft to taxi on its own engines, thus cutting jet fuel costs and substantially reducing air pollution.

The communication infrastructure for the Taxibot system, which enables seamless communication between the pilots, the ground vehicle and the control tower, was designed and implemented by Peryphon Development. The IAI, which designed and integrated the Taxibot solution, turned to Peryphon Development to design, manufacture and implement the communication system, recognizing the Company’s ability to provide highly reliable solutions for complex and demanding operational requirements. Taxibot is currently used by Luftahansa, and is fully functional at various German airports.

Our communication engineering and design services are provided on either a project basis or a long-term retainer.