Peryphon’s Hardware Cyber Protection and Alert System

Peryphon Development hardware cyber protection solution provide 360° protection for telecommunications and data systems installation. The system is designed to provide protection from cyber-physical attacks, intrusion and breach attempts, including:

  • Any attempt to steal the system or remove it from its location
  • Any attempt to open the system and its casing
  • Any attempt to connect to the system via its interfaces or remove any of its elements
Peryphon hardware cyber solution’s general characteristics

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  • A protection envelope for the device which prevents opening of its case
  • A protection envelope for the device’s interfaces (connectors) preventing connection and disconnection of any of its cables
  • Detectors which trigger an alert whenever the device’s top cover is removed.
  • Detectors which trigger an alert whenever the device’s bottom cover is removed
  • A detection system which transmits the data and alerts via RS.422 communication. The system can initiate self-destruction of the core classified mechanism whenever an intrusion is detected
  • A communications encryption circuit on the RS.422 output

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Peryphon hardware cyber solution’s protection levels

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Peryphon's hardware cyber intrusion detection & prevetion system