110mag_aThe table-top calling-card telephone.

The IP-110 is an indoor telephone which also contains a card reader for both regular calling cards plus the newer time-saving and cost-saving Barcode cards. The telephone can be used in two ways:

* By regular direct dialing, for internal calls and local or inter-city calls.
* Using barcode card or other calling card, for local, intercity, or overseas calls, taking advantage of lower rates offered by various providers.

The IP-110 is for indoor desktop use and can be installed in homes, offices and public institutions, where a calling card is required.

The advantage of the IP-110 is that it allows the user to place a call either using a regular calling card or the enormously time-saving and cost-saving Barcode Card. Once the barcode card is swiped through the slot its validity is very quickly checked and the user needs to dial only the country code plus destination number. No access number or pin code number need to be dialed at all. This greatly reduces the number of uncompleted calls and leads to considerable cost and time savings both for the provider and for the user. Instead of dialing nearly 40 digits the user dials only about 10 digits to reach his or her destination and this easy dialing process encourages users to place many more calls with the barcode card.

The large LCD display on the front panel of the IP-110 instructs the user how to use this phone easily. The owner of the phone can enable or disable dialing of toll-free numbers from this phone according to his wish. There are also fast-dialing knobs for emergency numbers.


Bar Code card reader: model IP-110
OnBoard modem and Supervision software (optional)
DTMF dialing
Programmable through the keypad
Access to toll-free numbers which can be disabled
Armoured Metal housing
16 knobs on keyboard
LCD display with 32 characters

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