IP410 anti-vandalism telephone

Peryphon’s IP-410 payphone is a technically-advanced, high-tech wall-mounted telephone specifically designed for heavy-duty semi-outdoor use, featuring either a barcode card reader (IP-510UZN-B) or a magnetic card reader (IP-510UZN-M ).

Enclosed in a specially built metal housing the IP410 features an armored handset, a metal spiral cord and a hook switch resistant to vandalism.

The IP-410’s 32-digit LCD front-panel clearly displays the dialed number, the call’s duration and the running call’s total cost. The telephone incorporates an internal 12/16 KHz detector that operates the calculation method.

The pulse price can be set by the owner and can be changed as required.

  • 32 Large digit LCD
  • 3 One touch memories
  • Last number redail
  • Wall mount
  • DTMF dialling
  • Charging system 12-16 KHz
  • Programmable through the keypad
  • Weight: Approx. 0.5Kg
  • User-friendly telephone system

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