ip410m2The consumer-friendly public calling PIN card telephone.
The IP-410 is a Public Prepaid Telephone.
The IP-410 is semi-outdoor and is specially built in metal housing, with armoured handset, metal spiral cord and hook switch, to prevent vandalism.
The advantage of the IP-410 is that it allows the user to place a call either using a regular calling card.
The large LCD display on the front panel of the IP-410 instructs the user how to use this phone easily. The owner of the phone can enable or disable dialing of toll-free numbers from this phone according to his wish. There are also fast-dialing knobs for emergency numbers.


DTMF dialing
Programmable through the keypad
Access to toll-free numbers which can be disabled
Metal housing, antivandalism, semi-outdoor
Weight approximately 4 kg.
16 knobs on keyboard
4 service knobs (optional)
10 free dialing numbers
for emergency and other free
LCD display with 32 characters
Armoured handset
Temp.range: -20…+50 C

150x250x100 mm.

pdf_1 Data Sheet[EN]