510ccProduct description:
Peryphon’s IP-510-CC Coin & Card Payphone is specially designed for heavy-duty semi-outdoor use. It is wall-mounted and is constructed especially against vandalism and for a very long period of use.
The IP-510-CC Coin & Card Payphone is technically advanced, sophisticated, modern and high-tech, designed to fulfill all the most modern and up-to-date requirements.
The IP-510-CC contains a first-class sophisticated coin checker (validator) to sense and distinguish up to 6 different types of coins. It contains also an escrow that can store up to 5 coins. Unused coins will be refunded – first in, first out. Cashbox capacity is up to 750 coins.

When using a calling card, the telephone’s card reader can read the pincode from the barcode card (IP-510 CC-B) or magnetic card (IP-510 CC-M ) and will dial automatically the pincode plus the access number of the provider. Use of calling cards is easier, faster and more efficient as the user only has to swipe the card.

The phone can contain a either a barcode card reader (IP-510 CC-B) or a magnetic card reader (IP-510 CC-M ) The magnetic card reader can in addition accept and charge international credit cards from all over the world without any extra charge and at very low rates, depending on the provider.

Once the magnetic or barcode card is swiped through the slot its validity is confirmed and the user needs to dial only the country prefix and then destination number. No access or pin code number needs to be dialed. This short cut reduces the number of uncompleted calls and leads to considerable cost and time savings to both user and supplier. Instead of dialing 40 digits, the user dials only 10 digits. This dialing system is very user-friendly and more calls are made as a result.

The large LCD display on the front panel of the phone instructs the user how to use the phone easily. The owner can also program the phone to allow dialing to toll-free numbers and emergency numbers and they do not require any calling card to be used.

Also there are 4 buttons on the keyboard for special functions.
1. Calling card customer service
2. Redial
3. Follow-on call
4. Volume high/low

IP-510 CC-G  Coin phone only
IP-510 CC-B  Coin and barcode calling card phone
IP-510 CC-M  Coin and magnetic calling card phone
Coin use with up to 750-coin cashbox capacity
Coins and Total cash counters
Prepaid magnetic card / barcode card use (optional)
Programmable through keypad
Access to toll-free numbers which can be enabled and disabled
Metal anti-vandalism housing, large display characters
Weight 7.5 kg without coins
Wall-mounted, 16 knobs on keypad
Armored handset and hook switch.
Coin charge by 16 / 12 kHz or push-to-talk button
Current line 25-60 mA
Uses a 9V alkaline or lithium battery as a backup
Option for backlight on display
Charge method can be programmed by prefixed number and time between impulses (when using push-to-talk method)
Incoming calls enable/disable switch
Cash box on left side
Colors available: Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Ivory and Grey, depending on customer’s request. Color type – epoxy.
Dimensions: H – 35cm, W – 28cm, D – 22cm

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