IP-510MAG anti-vandalism rugged public telephone


The IP-510MAG is semi-outdoor public Calling Card Telephone, enclosed in a  metal housing with armored handset, metal spiral cord and hook switch to prevent vandalism.

The advantage of the IP-510 is that it allows the user to place a call either using a regular calling card or a time-saving, cost-saving barcode Card. Once the card is swiped through the telephone’s slot, its validity is very quickly checked and the user needs to dial only the country code and the destination number, without having to dial an access number or a pin code number. This substantially reduces the number of uncompleted calls and leads to considerable cost and time savings for both the provider and the user. Instead of 40 digits, the user needs to dial around 10 digits. As a result of the facilitated dialing process, users are encouraged to use the barcode card more often.

The large LCD display on the front panel of the IP-510MAG provides the user with easy-to-understand dialing instructions, and the telephone features fast-dialing knobs for emergency calls. The telephone enables authorities to disable/enable toll-free numbers dialing, if they should choose to do so.

IP-510MAG features
  • Magnetic card reader
  • DTMF dialing
  • Programmable through the keypad
  • Access to toll-free numbers; disabled according to authorities’ discretion
  • Metal housing, anti-vandalism, semi-outdoor
  • Weight: approximately 5 kg.
  • Wall-mounted
  • 16-knobs keyboard
  • 32 characters LCD display
  • Armored handset

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