IP510 UZN anti-vandalism public telephone

Peryphon’s IP-510UZN payphone is a technically-advanced, high-tech wall-mounted telephone specifically designed for heavy-duty semi-outdoor use, featuring either a barcode card reader (IP-510UZN-B) or a magnetic card reader (IP-510UZN-M ).

The telephone can be programmed to accept and charge international credit cards from all over the world without any extra charge or at low rates, depending on the provider.

Once the bar code card is swiped, its validity is quickly checked and then the user needs to only dial the country code and the required number, without having to dial any access or pin code numbers. This substantially reduces the number of uncompleted calls and leads to considerable time savings for both the provider and the user. With the user having to dial only around 10 digit instead of 40 digits, making a phone call is facilitated and usages of the efficient barcode cards is encouraged.

Other IP-510JP’s important features include a large LCD display which provides users with easy-to-understand dialing instructions, and a fast-dialing knob for emergency calls. The telephone enables authorities to disable/enable toll-free numbers dialing, if they should choose to do so.

4 buttons on the keyboard for special functions
  • 1. Calling card customer service
  • 2. Redial
  • 3. Follow-on call
  • 4. Volume high/low
  • IP-510UZN-G  Public phone only (internal phone: market, hotel or bank customer service, other)
  • IP-510UZN-B  Barcode calling card phone (public payphone)
  • IP-510UZN-M  Magnetic calling card phone (public payphone)
  • IP-510-UZN-G/V  LAN VOIP Public phone only (internal phone: market, hotel or bank customer service, other)
  • IP-510UZN-B/V  LAN VOIP Barcode calling card phone (public payphone)
  • IP-510UZN-M/V  LAN VOIP Magnetic calling card phone  (public payphone)
  • Features
  • Internal VOIP LAN adapter (optional)
  • Prepaid magnetic card / barcode card use (optional)
  • Programmable through keypad
  • Access to toll-free numbers which can be enabled and disabled
  • Metal anti-vandalism housing, large display characters
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Wall-mounted, 16 knobs on keypad
  • Armored handset and hook switch.
  • Current line 25-60 mA PSTN
  • Uses a 9V alkaline or lithium battery as a backup
  • Option for backlight on display
  • Incoming calls enable/disable switch
  • Colors available: Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Ivory and Grey, depending on customer’s request. Color type – epoxy.
  • Dimensions: H – 35cm, W – 28cm, D – 22cm

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