IP710M anti-vandalism coin-operated public telephone


Peryphon Development’s IP-710M Coin Payphone features a 600-coins cash box and is specifically designed for a semi outdoor use with a highly vandalism-resistant enclosure and components.

The IP-710M Coin Payphone features a sophisticated coin checker (Validator) to sense and distinguish up to six different types of coins and an Escrow that can store up to 6 coins. Unused coins are refunded on a first in, first out basis.

The IP-710M Coin Payphone operates on 12 or 16 KHz inpulse supplied by the PTT, with a highly accurate cashing system. It can also be operated by push to talk system.

The IP-710M Coin Payphone is very simple and easy to operate, and features a 4×4 keypad. The equipment operation
is supported by a language user interface. Its LCD displays up to 20 large digits and a large range of symbols,arrows etc.providing the user with a user-friendly dialogue.

The IP-710M Coin Payphone is an easy keypad programmable unit, enabling administrators to easily change the phone capabilities, such as:

  • Local, national and free calls, can be barred or allowed
  • Incoming calls can be barred or allowed
  • Two selected secret codes ( keys) provide the owner with the capability of programming the Payphone through the
    keypad, and using owner secret codes, to dial without coins. These secret codes can be changed by the owner
  • Tariffs can be defined by the owner. This can be accomplished by entering the programming mode, using the secret code, and getting to the menu which contains four
    different programming sub-menus
  • Entering the programming modes enables the owner to see all reports concerning the number of accumulated coins in the cash box, and its total value. The number of pulses made by the owner,is also displayed.