ip910The IP-910 is a metal semi outdoor Public Coin and Calling Card Payphone.
Is specially designed for a heavy duty semi outdoor use. It is wall mounted and is constructed specially against vandalism attempts and heavy duty long
period use.

The IP-910 include a Calling Card reader and sophisticated coin checker (Validator) to sense and distinguish up to 6 different types of coins. It contains also an Escrow that can store up to 5 coins. Unused coins will be refunded, first in, first out. Cashbox capacity up to 600 coins.

The IP-910 Coin and Calling Card Payphone operates by Telephone Providers timer or 12-16 kHz impulse supplied by the PTT, having the most
accurate cashing system.

The IP-910 allows the user, through code dialling, Coins or Calling Card, to call any phone number he wishes. The display will show at the beginning
the number dialled, and soon after the connection is made, the running
cost while talking, and the status of the Coins or Card value.
The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), displays up to 20 large digits, easy
to read, and a large range of symbols, arrows etc., providing the user a friendly type dialogue.


Signalling :
Pulse DTMF, switchable.
Call groups :
Local, National, International, free,
Tariff change :
Programmable through the keypad.
Housing :
Metal. With Coin checker and Barcode or Magnetic Card
Display :
20×1 Liquid Crystal Display.
Charging system :
12-16 kHz or Telephone Providers timers.

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