KP6240 remote transceiver control box


The compact KP6240 Military Control Box enables easy and efficient remote operation of PRC-624 military transceivers using a connecting cable and two audio connectors – one connected to the PRC-624 and one to a handset, headset or military loudspeaker.

Weighing only 340 gm, the KP6240 can be easily clipped to the soldier’s vest, enabling easy access in order to switch channels, control the volume, etc. By enabling the user to keep a distance from the transceiver’s antenna, the KP6240 serves to minimize radiation exposure.

The Military Control Box KP6240 contains four different knobs:
  • Channel selector switch for 10 different channels
  • Volume control
  • On/off switch which also controls sensitivity of microphone
  • Side push-button to enable/disable squelch

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