Peryphon Development's tactical ruggedized military telephones

Military ruggedized field telephones

Peryphon Development’s family of ruggedized field military telephones provides highly reliable line communications for ground, air and naval forces.

Installed and utilized by armed forces and HLS organizations worldwide, Peryphon Development’s tactical telephones feature low-weight and a water-proof, compact design. Ruggedized in compliance with the strictest MIL-STDs, these military ruggedized field telephones can be quickly and reliably installed in any operational environment—be it indoors or outdoors, even under the most extreme weather and operational conditions.

The Company’s line of tactical telephones includes local and central power telephones as well as dual IP ADSL modem/FXS analog telephones, which support various interfaces and enable high-speed voice & data communications of voice, images, maps, live HD streaming video and other command & control (C2) information between different echelons’ headquarters and their respective field command posts, stations and units.


Dual ADSL/FXS military ruggedized field telephone

VoIP military ruggedized telephones

CB/LB Magneto/FXS military ruggedized military telephones

LB only military ruggedized military telephones