Military Switchboards

Based on the Company’s best-of-breed media gateway technology, Peryphon Development’s rugged tactical switchboards integrate a variety of communication functions into single platforms which support fundamental services such as VoIP mediation, data routing, WAN access, voice & data security, survivability and third party value-added services applications

Switchboards’ subscribers can be LB, CB or IP telephones connected via a field wire, with the connection between subscribers made by simply dialing the requested extension. Peryphon Development’s switchboards support legacy telephones lacking dialing capability, thus enabling organizations to substantially upgrade their existing communication systems without having to replace the entire system at once.

Featuring rugged, compact design, Peryphon Development switchboards are light-weight, and can be conveniently carried by one or two two people. This allows for quick and easy deployment of the system in any operational environment – simply drop the field wire, connect it to the switchboards, and the advanced system is up and running, providing both voice and high-speed data communications of images, e-mails, maps and live HD streaming video, between command posts and other stations.

Peryphon Development’s tactical switches are deployed and used by military and HLS organizations worldwide, and serve as the communication backbone of the IDF’s Iron Dome anti-rocket air defense system.