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Noise reduction system Israeli Air Force’s Search & Rescue unit

[spacer height=”8px”] Developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Peryphon’s Extreme Noise Control Headset System is especially suited for anti-terror units, airborne units and rescue teams – as well as for anyone working in an extremely noisy environment – enabling communications under extreme noise levels of 110 – 130 dB (decreasing the noise by 40 dB). Based on a unique DSP active noise control system that is active for all communication channels, the system consists of either a team or a personal control unit that connects to any communication network, including intercoms and PRC devices. The ambient noise control enables the user to clearly hear other people in the vicinity – even if they are not using any communication device – made possible by use of a built-in microphone. The Dynamic Control Unit – with or without PTT – splits the channels between the user’s two ears. The system is compatible with the relevant MIL-STD for extreme weather conditions such as high humidity and salt fog or spray, and has a built-in energy source that is specially designed for emergency situations.

[spacer height=”50px”]Peryphon Development Noise reduction for air rescue units

[spacer height=”32px”]Taxibot system - communication system designed by Perypon Development

Israel Aviation Industries Taxibot System

[spacer height=”8px”] The communication infrastructure for the Taxibot system, which enables seamless communication between the pilots, the ground vehicle and the control tower, was designed and implemented by Peryphon Development. The Taxibot system is the world’s first pilot-controlled towing vehicle system which tows commercial aircrafts from the gateway to the runway, eliminating the need for the aircraft to taxi on its own engines, thus cutting jet fuel costs and substantially reducing air pollution. The IAI, which designed and integrated the Taxibot solution, turned to Peryphon Development to design, manufacture and implement the communication system, recognizing the Company’s ability to provide highly reliable solutions for complex and demanding operational requirements. Taxibot is currently used by Luftahansa, and is fully functional at various German airports.

Israeli Defense Forces: Undergound wire communication system

[spacer height=”8px”] Underground military communication systems present a special challenge due to the closed nature of tunnels, and the vulnerability to damage due to collapses. With wireless systems unable to provide reliable voice, data & video communication in such an environment, the IDF has turned to Peryphon Development to develop an underground communication system solution which will provide highly reliable, highly durable triple play communications for units operating in underground tunnels. Peryphon Development’s solution to this challenge is a wired, voice, data and video communication system which integrates the Company’s rugged tactical telephones, switchboards, switches, intercom as well as wireless transceivers. The connection between the different stations within the tunnels is made using a standard two-wire cable, which offers a highly durable yet very cost-efficient means of delivering high-speed communications across long distances in underground tunnels.

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