PE-1124 wireless microphone for remote operation of mounted transceiver

PE-1124 provides mobile users with a cost-effective wireless solution for distances of up to 300 meters/1000ft with clear secured audio.

The wireless microphone covers up to 300 meter range and is intended mainly for vehicle radio’s applications. The  revolutionary PE-1124 changes the way you communiate with your two-way mobile radio, enabling users to stay connected while opereating outside of the ground vehicle or anywhere around a naval vessel within distances of up to 300 meters.. It works seamlessly with any existing vehicle mobile radio or fixed marine radio.

Any of the vehicles’ passengers are capable of receiving any call inside and outsidet he vehicles keeping themselves and their communicaiton secured.

In addition, the model is equipped with the 128 bits encryption model to ensure secured & confidential communications. The PE-1124 uses the 2.4GHz band, powered with frequenecy hopping spread spectrum technology, and specifically designed for use with mobile radios. PE-1124 is compatible with most mobile radio devices used nowadays.

The PE-1124 brings a major benefit to logistics and services personnel who constantly nned to go in and out of their vehicle. With the PE-1124 they can now keep their communication with their mobile radio whilst out of the vehicle. Our innovative product will not only change the way you interact with your mobile radio, but is comfortable, lightwieght and simple to use.

Features[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Up to 300 meters/1000 feet outdoor range
  • Suits more mobile radio devices
  • High rise buttons for gloves (optional)
  • Rugged removable belt clip
  • IP56 weatherproof design
  • 3.5 mm earpiece socket
  • 10+ hours operations
Wireless Bluetooth Pairing

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  • The PE-1124 paris with the mobile radio via a dedicated 802.15 Bluetooth channel, derivative protocol allowing wireless communication over a great distance.
Confidential Communications

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  • Your wireless communication between the PE-1124 and the mobile radio will remain secured with both 64 and 128 bit Encryption models available.

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  • The PE-1124 works with any mobile radio or fixed marine radio due to its unique compatible design and accessories.