RF Identification and billing

Peryphon Development integrates RFID solution for tracking and billing in various systems and services;

  • Public transportation; using an RFID transport card on public transportation, such as the bus, tram, subway or even ferry boats is a cost-effective flexible solution, which allows operators and passengers alike to save time and money.
  • Schools and school’s transportation; an optimal solution for monitoring students’ presence, which may also be accomplished with proximity detector, freeing students from physically using a chip or a card. The RFID solution also restricts the entry of unwanted persons to educational facilities and school buses. Medical services; designed to assist elderly, disabled and other distressed populations by storing all relevant and crucial data in a personal card which can be read only by authorized personnel.
  • Public phones ; personal phone card used for paying for phone calls, can be recharged as well as limited for certain calls ; suitable for kids, emergency phones and much more

Peryphon engineering know-how solves numerous other social engineering challenges by integrating our unique RFID solution into day-to-day services.

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