TA-1066 military intercom system

Peryphon Development’s TA-1066 Military Intercom System is a four-station open intercom system specifically designed for extremely noisy ground, air and naval operational environments. The TA-1066 provides full duplex intercom communications, and can be operated in two modes: either hands-free or via a handset or a headset.
Featuring an advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the TA-1066 delivers clear voice quality between stations by substantially reducing unwanted background noises and interference.

Each unit is housed in a die-cast metal enclosure resistant to weather, water immersion, humidity, temperature extremes, vibrations and bounce, and features a user-friendly front panel which allows the operator to easily select different modes of operation, control the volume and the DSP noise reduction levels, to send alarm signals and voice commands, etc.

Basic station electrical characteristics
  • Voltage operation: 18-32 V DC
  • Typical voltage – 24 V DC
  • Current consumption (1 unit) – max. 400 mA
  • Audio power output, speaker (hands-free mode) 1.5 W – Audio power output, handset – > 103 dB SPL
  • Noise reduction 9 – 35dB
  • Tone reduction 4 – 65dB
  • Talk button – to allow conversation, P.T.T. mode
  • Mode switch – hands-free P.T.T. or using MIL-STD headset/ handset
  • Installation – 4 wires between stations
  • Volume control switch.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) level control switch: HI/ LOW/ OFF
  • LED power supply
  • Distance between stations: 3-250 meters.
  • 4 stations to one network
MIL-STD Compliance
  • Temperature, Vibration, Humidity operation/storage – MIL-STD 810E Compliant
MIL-STD Connectors
  • Power/ Audio Connector (2 port ) – D38999 – MIL-STD Connector
  • Handset Connector – U-229/U MIL-STD connector
  • Temperature operation: -30 to +70 C
  • Net weight: 2.1 Kg

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