TA-2424 Airborne GSM Picocell System

TA-2424_AirborneSeaborne_GSM_Picocell_aThe TA-2424  Airborne GSM System, is an Airborne GSM Picocell with 24 channels that provides 24 GSM Voice Calls simultaneously, plus SMS and MMS services as well.
The system also provides On Board Internet communication.
The TA-2424 connected by an A-BIS IP Protocol to the On Board L-C KU-Band Satellite antenna, and via satellite
The TA-2424  carries out communication to the BSC Ground System that connects via SS#7 trunks to the Switch of the local service provider.

Product Features
The TA-2424 has a built-in MCA switch which prevents unauthorized cell phone operation. The MCA automatic system shuts down when the plane is flying below 3000 meters altitude and the system is built with a double safety feature
The TA-2424 has remote power control by the pilot and by the cabin crew.
The Nano BTS base station cellular 1800 MHz installed in the aircraft cabin provides 24 active voice calls and SMS.
IP interface to satellite system provider air to ground
Network control is included for power reduction to 1 mW
Total power consumption per one phone call  is 224 mW.
The TA-2424 Airborne GSM system has been developed under full compliance with the newest international regulations and has been awarded with all necessary certifications.
The system is compliant with the new ETSI type approval.
F.A.A. Certificate and license will be provided in near future.

Technical Characteristics
The TA-2424 Airborne GSM system operates under the most extreme temperature and climate conditions. It is fully resistant to water, humidity, immersion, temperature extremes, explosion, vibration and bounce.
It is housed in an aluminum 10,11 impact- proof and waterproof case.
Connections: The TA-2424 meets all military specifications C-38999
4 Ports 10/100/1000 to BTS
2 Port Picocell antenna 2RX and 2TX
1 MCA Board
Operating voltage is 18-32 volts.
DC Current is approximately 0.5 amp.
Voltage spike: 60,000V 10 us 50 pulses.

The TA-2424 Airborne GSM system is compliant with MIL-STD-810E and MIL-STD- 416C-RTCA-160/202

Type Approvals
Elevation: RTCA – 160D – as per F.A.A. regulation
Maximum elevation: 15,000 to 50,000 feet
8,000 to 50,000 feet within 15 seconds
Vibration: RTCA – 160D – as per F.A.A. regulation

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