TA-3012 special forces full-duplex wired communication system

Peryphon Development’s TA-3012 is a wire voice communication network specifically designed to address the needs of sniper units and other special forces. The network utilizes the Company’s FXS-120 personal tactical communication unit to enable full-duplex conference voice communication between up to four team members. Fully compliant with the strictest MIL-STDs, the FXS-120 is a compact, light-weight yet ruggedized personal communication unit, built to withstand the harshest operational environments.
The TA-3012 network’s FXS-120 units are interconnected up to a kilometer apart using a standard WW-TT1 field wire through a single TH-3012 connection box, ensuring highly reliable and secured non-wireless communications in dense urban area. Conveniently carried on the user’s clip belt, the FXS-120 personal communication unit is operated hands-free, eliminating the need for users to press any PTT button, thus allowing them to focus solely on their mission.

System’s main benefits
  • Three-position On/Off rotary switch: On/Off with LED; On without LED for covert operations.
  • Built-in loudspeaker with three-position rotary volume control dial: Off/Medium/High; Maximum loudspeaker power: 0.5 Watts.
  • Built-in commander direct speech network: using a standard U-183 interface, this feature enables the unit’s commander to directly connect his headset or handset to the Connection Box without having to use an FXS-120 unit.
  • Up to 20 hours of operation using three ‘C’-size, 1.5Volts alkaline batteries.

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