TA-458 NC noise reduction unit

Designed to be connected to any UHF, VHF and other transceivers and receivers, Peryphon Development’s military TA-458NC is a DSP noise cancelling active 10 watt loudspeaker which filters out noise, interference and cross modulation.

Featuring 7 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) filter levels, the TA-458 NC enables the user to adjust the filter according to the desired level of noise and interference. Undesired background noise and interference picked up in the communication are removed from the signal, leaving crisp and clear speech.

Fully rugged in compliance with the strictest MIL-STDs, the TA-458 NC is constructed in a die-cast metal enclosure and is resistant to weather, water immersion, humidity, temperature extremes, vibrations and bounce.

Featuring a large volume control knob on top of its case, in addition to a a push button and LEDS, the TA-458 is very easy to operate. It also features a MIL-STD socket which enables quick connection to an additional loudspeaker, a headphones or a handset. The unit’s Sleep Mode helps conserve power, coming back on immediately upon a touch of the Push Button. Protection circuits against over current and wrong polarity assure reliable services for the long run.

TA-458 NC main features


  • Impedance: 8 oHm
  • 10 Watts audio output power
  • Fully Adaptive noise cancelling: 9 – 24dB
  • 7 filter levels
  • Simple pushbutton control of DSP functions
  • Audio level indicator to optimise filter function
  • Separate volume control
  • Filter level store function
  • Sleep mode to conserve battery power
  • Power supply: 10…16 VDC/ max. 2A (or 18…32 VDC) operation
  • Auxiliary output socket for headphones or loudspeaker – Input level: min. 80-500mV, max. 6W
MIL-STD Compliant
  • Temperature, Vibration, Humidity operation/storage – MIL-STD 810E/F Compliant
  • Power/ Audio In/Out Connectors – MIL-STD Connector
Technical Specifications
  • Temperature operation: -30 to +70 C
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg

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