TA-1099 tactical military field telephone

Peryphon Development’s TA-1099 MAGNETO telephone features low weight and a water-proof, compact design which allows it to be quickly and reliably installed in any operational environment—be it indoors or outdoors, even under the most extreme environmental and operational conditions. The TA-1099 provides voice communications between a wide range of telephone systems, including direct point-to-point communications with legacy tactical phones.

TA-1099 Military MAGNETO phone main features
  • Warning LED for “Low Battery”
  • LED Indicator, holding ring for 20 seconds, and outgoing warning ring.
  • Adjustable Piezo Ringer
  • Handset: H-189 with PTT switch
  • Ring back LED
Technical Specifications
  • Signaling Electronic Generator: 25 or 50 Hz 45 to 80 V RMS 3W.
  • Station-to-Station range: using wire WD-1/TT ( loop resistance is 46 ohm per 1000 feet) is 79 km with reduce performance.
  • Voltage requirements: 3.3 to 4.5 V dc, 20 to 60 mA.
  • Frequency range: 300-3400 Hz.
  • Push button Electronic Signaling Generator.
  • Weight: Approx. 1.5 Kg excluding batteries.
  • Size: 240 x 95 x 110 mm.
  • Operation temp. -30°C to +60°C
  • Power: 4.5 V from three standard “C” size cells

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