TA312 RT retrofit kit for TA-312 legacy military telephones

TA312 RT_a

Peryphon Development’s TA-312 is front-line telephone connector is designed to upgrade the communication capabilities of legacy, old post  TA-312 tactical telephones.

In response to an ever-growing worldwide demand from armed forces, Peryphon Development projected, designed, and manufactured the TA-312RT Retrofit Kit, which replaces the TA-312’s mechanical parts with electronic ones, leaving the same characteristics, while at the same time enhancing the legacy telephones with new and advanced communication features.

The TA-312 enables armed forces to upgrade their existing telephony equipment, at a fraction of the cost in comparison to replacing all their existing telephony equipment. The ready to install RETROFIT KIT has already been installed in tens of thousands of Army TA-312 phones, comprising of the following process:

  • Replacing the manual generator by an electronic capsulated one, having the same dimensions
  • Adding a warning LED for “Low Battery”
  • LED indicator holding ring for 20 seconds,and outgoing warning ring released by PTT push
  • Push button, replacing the rotating handle system
  • Adding an electronic internal ringer generator
  • Piezo ringer to replace the existing buzzer
  • Repeated ring, (Ring Back Tone), warning presence of another telephone set at the other end of the line. Ring stops if PTT push button is depressed or after switching off the ring LED
  • MIL-STD Compliant Operation temp. -30°C to +71°C

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