TTS – 914 Tactical Tunnel Telephony System

The TTS-914 Tactical Telephony system provides continuous communication for a soldiers operating in a tunnel environment, enabling the soldier to operate the telephone in a hands-free mode while using a headset. The system’s telephony switchboard provides advanced telephony features such as conference calls, private calls, DND and more, and can operate using either an external power source or alternatively on its own battery pack for up to 10 hours.

The TTS-914 tactical tunnel telephony systems supports up to eight (8) personal telephone terminals connected using a standard tactical 2-wire over a distance of up to 8 Km between the switchboard and each telephone set. The telephony switchboard enables connection to any external telephony network, and can provide high-speed video streaming from a connected camera.

Each of the system components is housed in a dye-cast aluminum enclosure resistant to weather, water immersion, explosion, humidity, temperature extremes, vibrations and bounce.
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System building blocks

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  • PE-8 tactical telephony switch/gateway
  • TA-1088 LB/CB – A tactical field phone to be used in either LB or CB modes, for HQ or local command post
  • FXS-110; a lightweight telephony terminal including a headset for hands-free operation
  • 4. WD1 wire roll

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MIL-STD Compliance

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  • LAN/WAN Connector – MIL-STD Compliant
  • MK-25E Connector – MIL-STD Compliant
  • Power Connector – MIL-STD compliant
  • Handset Connector – MIL-STD U-183

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Temperature Range

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  • Operating: -15°C to +55°C
  • Storage: -30°C to 85°C

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